About Us

Hi, I’m Susan Conley, a family woman and creator of this blog. I know you’re here because of your love with cooking and I really appreciate that. Cooking the stone is created to please my deep love for food and share the incredible knowledge I have had during my lifetime. When visiting my blog, you can find many delicious recipes for your family meals. All of them are not complicated at all and I always try to keep it simple and easy to follow.

This is also a place for beginners in cooking to discover the amazing world of food. Don’t wait for somebody to cook anything for you, let’s start learning to make your favorite meals or maybe just make something different for the one you love on some special occasions.

In case you’re in trouble with cooking don’t hesitate to contact me via email address hello@cookthestone.com I’ll help you go through with that then you will see cooking is not that hard as you’ve thought. Besides that, I’m also willing to answer all of your questions about the cooking tool, equipment or other matters wondering you.

Thanks for visiting my blog!